A soldier and another person were killed in clashes between the security belt forces and gunmen in the Dhale’a

A soldier and a gunman were killed Thursday by an attack by tribal gunmen on a security point for the pro-UAE security belt in Sanah District in the southern province of Al-Dhae’a.


A military source in those forces told the Almasdar online that the soldier Mutahhar Abdul Hamid al-Shuaibi was in the confrontations between the security forces against unidentified gunmen.


He added that the clashes had expanded to the area of Mazoob Amer, where the gunmen fled.


He said the troops were able to kill one of the gunmen from Bani al-Najjar, wounding another and arresting others, while the gunmen tried to detonate an explosive device in the vehicle carrying the director of the security belt forces in the area, Colonel Ahmed Kayed al-Qubbah.


On the other hand, witnesses said that Nasser al-Najjar, a resident of the region of Mazoob, was near a security post from the security forces camp.


They pointed out that the security belt forces had attacked a number of armed crews and military armored personnel, a point belonging to the special forces of the province of Ibb, led by Brigadier-General Al-Hulmi in the Qattbeh area.


They added that the security belt forces tore down the Republican flag at the point and forced the special security forces ' soldiers to surrender their weapons.


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